Were on a World Tour with a .... baby bottle in hand?

Bring Them Along is a website dedicated to finding the balance between having kids and not always wanting to do kid-oriented stuff. Every other week we will post reviews and guides to activities that are geared towards adults, but are also good for families. You will not find any advice on how to raise your kids or any articles about parenting, there are other sites out there that take care of that, we just want you to have a good time.

Additionally our goal is to provide content for parents of all shapes and sizes that you won't find in traditional "parenting" magazines. Our WORK section highlights working parents in the Bay Area, while our DATE NIGHT section focuses on more adult themes and provides features on where to enjoy a night out on the town. In our HAPPY HOUR PLAYDATES you will find reviews of local restaurants that not only have a great happy hour but are also family-friendly. 

If you want to contribute to Bring Them Along, reach out to our Founder (you can find her email below). We are always looking for great places in the San Francisco Bay Area to eat, drink, and have fun!

A note about what it takes to keep this site up:  This website started as a labor of love, but as we all know nothing in life is free. Bring Them Along runs on a sponsorship model. If you want to sponsor a page or talk to us about how your business can partner with Bring Them Along  please contact Tara Taylor. 

Liz Klinger and Anna Lee

Tara Taylor, Founder

Tara had kids before all her friends. Before breastfeeding she was a social butterfly spending nights bar hopping, exploring new restaurants, and staying up late. Now that her friends are popping out kids she figured it was time to share the "secrets" of how to have a good time with the kids in tow with the rest of the world. Tara has been writing about parenting, art, and music for more than 10 years. Her articles have been featured in Parents' Press, Oakland Magazine, BerkeleySide and YourBerkeley.  You can check out her work at www.TaraTaylorMedia.com or email her at tarataylormedia @ gmail.com.


Jenny Wread, Happy Hour Playdates

Jenny is mom to a five-year-old girl, a 1-year-old girl who loves veggies, and a furry mutt. She loves dragging her kids and her husband to try new restaurants. Her weakness is a good happy hour. You can read her ongoing love letter to the San Francisco Bay Area at her blog http://jennyfromthebay.wordpress.com/ 


Kali Lux, Book Reviews


Kali recently transplanted from the Bay Area of California to Scottsdale, AZ with her two cats. She shares her love of books with a world too busy to read at Kalireads.com, and is a regular contributor to the San Francisco Book Review. Her short humor has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. When not reading for the heck of it, she’s reading her way to an English degree at Arizona State University.


Liz Klinger and Anna Lee, Contributors

Liz Klinger is the CEO at Lioness, a startup in Berkeley, California that is using data to create a new vibrator and app. 

Liz has studied human sexuality since college. She's been a designer and marketer with startups, and most recently sold sex toys direct to women across the United States as a sales consultant with Passion Parties. 

Anna Lee is the Engineering Lead at Lioness

Anna is a mechanical engineer specializing in investigating new technologies and bringing them to real products on the market. Most recently, she was at Amazon Lab126 and helped launch the Kindle Voyage and Amazon Dash Button.