Having Children Doesn't Have to be a Bore 

Bring Them Along is magazine for Bay Area parents

who don't fit the prepackaged parenting box.

Dear Readers, 

For the past decade I have been writing with San Francisco Bay Area parents in mind. From breastfeeding to how to find great organic diapers, I have done it all. After Parents' Press changed ownership (2009) and I was without a job, but still itching to write, Bring Them Along was supposed to be my answer to finally highlighting the articles and stories that I wanted to see as a parent. I wanted to reach out and find the interesting topics and fun things to do that were not tainted with judgement or sugarcoated to make parenting look simple and vanilla. Growing up in the 80s and 90s I idolized alternative newspapers that published stories about the communities I wanted to hear about and dug deep into subcultures that I was a part of. Bring Them Along was going to be my ode to those Alt Weeklies and provide a voice to parents in my community in the San Francisco Bay Area that were overlooked by all the other Mommy Blogs and parenting publications. 

Two years into this project of love I have decided to pull the plug and shut the site down. I will leave up the content from the past two years until March for those who happen to stumble upon it and for the organizations and parents who were profiled on this site. Our Facebook group is no longer active and the site will officially go off line at the end of March 2017 (who knows I might feel inspired again and fire up the old laptop). 

For those who visited this site regularly, I have to stress my gratitude. Becoming a journalist was not as glamorous as I thought I would be back in high school, while I did chase down some great stories and interviewed amazing individuals the sad truth is that a lot has changed from the 90s to now - especially when it comes to targeting parents as your readership. Traffic to parenting sites has become more of a marketing strategy than actual providing help to new parents. Listicals (articles that are just one big list) and fancy products that are supposed to be the new best thing for your baby are what sells ads. I can't leave out the advice columns or blogs that have hidden advertisements. It's all pretty yucky if you start to break it down. 

I really wanted to provide a space for parents in the Bay Area to see images and read articles that talked to them, not down to them. I wanted to focus on gay families, families of color, and working parents - and I can honestly say that I did. But two years into managing everything on my own (with no pay) I am tired and need a break. 

If you are looking for a parenting site and you are a Bay Area resident, there are plenty. This one is going off the grid (mmmm food) and this journalist is going to put down her pen, cuddle with her kids, and get some sleep. 

- Tara Taylor

(Former Editor/Founder of Bring Them Along)